Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hot To: Get Rid of Those Nasty, Cloudy, Spotty Glasses Without Using an Ounce of Elbow Grease!

Search no more. The answer is here. 

Our glasses have been driving me nuts for months now. Every time I ran the dishwasher, I hoped and prayed that those dang  things would come out crystal clear. And every time I'd open the dishwasher door, and get choked out by the steam pouring out, I'd hold the glass up to the light and hang my head in shame. Cloudy. Again.

I tried every trick in the book... well not the book... more like the internet. But those didn't work either. I tried running an empty dishwasher with just a cup of vinegar and a little baking soda. Nope. I tried running a cycle with just a bowl full of vinegar on the bottom rack. I tried physically scrubbing the whole dishwasher down. Nada. I tried one of these thingies. It made the was smell nice, but still didn't help either.


I thought we were destined to buy brand new glasses. But a last ditch effort had me thinking that I should go old school with my cleaning methods. I'll be honest. If I didn't have a little nugget running around the house, (whose health and brain capabilities I'm just slightly protective of) I probably would've just put all the glasses in a hot steaming 50% bleach ,50% water bath... and I probably would've woken up with a crazy headache from all the fumes. Instead, I filled the sink with enough water to cover the tallest glasses (standing up) and then dumped a half of a gallon of distilled white vinegar in and let the glasses soak overnight. Yea, the whole thing. I wasn't messin around anymore, y'all.

Then I just let me sit there overnight. Well, actually, they're still in there right now.

But I did rinse and dry one glass to take this after picture...

It's definitely not perfect, but it's about a million times better looking than it was. And now I no longer feel like I have to make a guest a drink using plastic Mardi Gras cup so that they don't see our funky glasses and think we just let Gus lick them clean instead of actually washing them. YAY! Everyone wins!


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Holy moly that looks great, PLUS I like that it also changed the shape of the glass, best trick ever! LOL, nah but a great tip. Thanks for sharing!

Liz M C said...

Lol, PJ I used REALLY hot water, so it must've shrunk the top of the glass a little!

We have such a variety of glass sizes and shapes since we just use what we got for our wedding back in 2010. I can't tell you how many I've broken. I think we're down to half of what we used to own! I'm not good with glass. Hence my giant stash of plastic Mardi Gras cups :)

Staci said...

See, I saw the thumbnail pic in my blog roll and was waiting for the punch line. "We bought new glasses. Spot all gone!" But no! You actually CLEANED them. You're my hero!