Friday, May 10, 2013

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Over Here Sniffing My Jeans

You think I'm kiddin. I wouldn't lie to you. I can't even count the amount of times I've pulled my knee up to my nose this morning. The other day I went shopping for groceries and had a '$2 off' coupon for Downy Unstopables. I've been buying the teal capped bottle for a while now. But they have a new pink top bottle that was love at first sniff. I mean 'eyes rolling in the back of your head'- AMAZING. Seriously, if this stuff was sold as perfume, I'd buy a case of it. 

And the best part is it's not just good for throwing into the wash. I've poured a small cap full into my Scentsy warmer and it makes the entire house smell awesome. Make sure you use a small amount. It's pretty strong, so a little goes a really looong way. You can also pour some into your garbage disposal and let it sit overnight for a super fresh smelling sink. You could even make a drawer sachet OR car freshener by pouring a little into a pair of old panty hose or sock (who wears panty hose anymore?) and tie off the loose end. 

My number one use for the softener is to pour half of a cap full into a spray bottle and fill it with warm water. Once the beads dissolve you can use it to spray directly onto dry clothes for an even stronger scent. I use it to spray the inseam of my jeans to stretch them longer. My jeans ALWAYS shrink up in the wash. It drives me crazy. I buy a pair that are the perfect length, and one wash later they're 5 inches shorter. So annoying. But the softener/water mix lets me pull and tug them back to their original length. I also walk around the house and spray it on all of the soft surfaces. Drapes, couches, bed spreads, the shower curtains, and even a light spray on the carpets. Holy mama, it's so good. Go. Buy. Now.

I'm off to sniff my jeans again. Have a good weekend!

PS: In case you're wondering, Downy DID NOT pay me to write this post. They don't even know I exist. I just like sharing a product that I love with y'all. 


Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

i agree! i LOVE these! they smell SOOOOOO good. and long lasting! love love.

Staci said...

Well with that kind of endorsement, how could I NOT try it?

Liz M C said...

@Sarah, they are SO good, right? I'm glad im not alone here!

@Staci, sadly, I compared sniffing my jeans to a crack addiction today while texting my sister in law about how obsessed I am with the scent. I can't get enough!

Melissa Ricci said...

OO!! I was looking for something new to try so I will definitely try this!!

Thanks doll and the title of this post had me giggling (and concerned for what I was about to read ;-) )

X Melissa

Lacey said...

i have some sprinkled in my vacuum on the filter and it smells up my whole house when i'm cleaning.

Liz M C said...

Oooooo, that's a really good idea!! I'll definitely have to try that!

Alli Easley said...

Oh girl, you are NOT alone in this. I'm obsessed. I even buy it for my friends because my heart,'s just big like that. ;)

I love this stuff. I'm kind of an addict. And I throw it in my Scentsy warmer as well!

Judith Graffeo said...

AMAZING! I am a little bit OCD with smells, especially with 3 little boys, and I'm hooked. I think I have spent small fortune on them. :)